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Man gets refund after mistakenly paying 147k yuan for snack

Police in Henan Province helped a shop owner locate a man who last month mistakenly paid more than 147,000 ($23,000) yuan for a couple of stuffed buns.

The customer, Han Hongwei, said he had used the mobile payment service Alipay to buy two steamed baozi (costing around 3 yuan) at a shop in the provincial capital of Zhengzhou on April 2.

Instead of entering the correct amount, he tapped in his Alipay password 147258, Han later told police.

Han said he hadn't realized until a customer service representative from Alipay notified him about the hefty payment.

"I didn't notice at all," Han said. "I had my child with me, who was being a handful."

"We noticed the abnormal payment that afternoon," He said. "Our shop takes in around 20,000 yuan ($3,139) a month, so that transfer really stood out."

Owner He said he went to police after checking records and surveillance footage but to no avail.

Zhengzhou police said they would be on hand to witness the repayment. Hopefully, Han has changed his password.


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